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Seattle bars have PAs too but it's hard to get booked even in super dives.

I wonder about the X32 having 4x ADA8000s or something. You could get a cheap used mixer, the 4x ADA8000s, a simple i7 PC + used RME or something. No snazzy faders but that's fear number 2: How do you pop in replacements without unscrewing the entire thing?

Also, who is going to handle support and repairs, the dealer? Behry isn't or hasn't been set up for domestic US support and this is the first sort of costly product I've seen from them. With Presonus at least you can ship domestically. Behry is either in Germany or China so I guess you will have to really trust your dealer.

Not that you're going to be on a major US tour and need same day X32 replacment heh.

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