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Originally Posted by Krismarsel1 View Post
So yesterday i went out n bought a line 6 ux-8 because i wanted 8 xlr inputs..y'know, the more the marrier. But to my surprise (and aggrivation) when i record with studio one, only way i can do micing is in mono, and its either mono left or right, and so i cant record 1 mic in sterio! Witch sucks so much because everything is off to one side or the other! Any solutions?

The way it apperantly goes is
- paired.
Input 2

Input 3
Input 4

Input 5
- paired
Input 6. Ect
I hesitate to troubleshoot your Studio One issues on this board because it might be inappropriate. But I can certainly answer your question. PM me and I can help you out with Studio One routing. Or head over to the S1 forums TONS of good folks will help you.

Originally Posted by nerdfactormax View Post
Use Reaper

Well, you asked.
^ Lame
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