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It looks great but after tracking it doesn't seem all that useful for modern mixing. It appears to be a FOH console.

I don't see any facilities for timecode or daw control which makes it a bit of a non starter for mixing in a daw based studio... unless those things will come on expansion cards, maybe. Recording to a USB drive is pretty cool though, assuming it sounds good but I'd probably never record with digital DSP in the studio, maybe from the stage, sure, but something like this, assuming it sounds good... might be cool for some stuff.

Ton of freaking I/O for $2500 though.

Sample rates are suspiciously missing from the documentation. 88-96k? I also don't see any BNC connectors to clocking it to a master clock.

Hmmm... it does have an optional FW card so it appears it will connect to a DAW. I wonder how all that will shake out? If it does have daw control that would be a great deal.

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