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Originally Posted by yep View Post
... $2500 is a significant amount of money, and is enough to buy competent but less-fully-featured digital mixing consoles from other vendors. Sound quality and audio functionality has been getting cheaper and cheaper over the past couple decades, but this Behringer device seems to have an awful lot of moving parts.
With the last digital Behringer console (DDX3216) the problems were not at all with the moving parts. It was more the mic preamps and the powersupply was also a weak part.
The concept of the new console (available ~3. quarter 2011) is at least for live use genius. (32i/16o onboard, AES50, Ultranet etc.)
If Behringer doesn't fuck up the mechanical and electronic part, other manufacturers of digital consoles will have a hard time, and i can imagine many bands using it instead of 'been-20-years-on-the-road, don't-touch-AUX1, channels-1-7-12-are-fucked'-club consoles with their often questionable sideracks (if any).
As for studio use: For the bedroom homerecorder it will probably be too expensive and a (project)studio will most likely think twice before buying a console with cooling fan and 'Behringer' written on it.
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