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Originally Posted by Alteregoxxx View Post
for the "warmth"...i think a "retrņ-warm" sound fit the song better than a "modern-crisp" sound so i pointed more to "visually-sonically" recreate a sweet warm mood rather than a cold crisp modern sound...this is a love is warm and sweet, like an old movie scene (for me...)...i think the drum groove reminded me "Five years" from David Bowie so i tried to inject some "70's" also
David Bowie was drunk I guess, there is no way he could have missed so many notes otherwise, haha. :-D

Please listen to my v3_mp3, which is this one:
mp3 mixdown

I know what you mean with "warm" and not having that "modern crisp" stuff, how do you think does my mix sound looking at it's softness?
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