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Originally Posted by Megagoth1702 View Post
@textbook mix: I think this is the "easiest" way to make a mix. We are no pro-musicians and all we do at this point is polishing recordings. We have some very basic rules we learned someday somewhere and apply them here.

If you prefer you can replace the textbook by classic .

Anyway I do think this is exactly what the song needed, probably the only thing I would do different would be add a high qualitity amp sim a of a 60/70 classic amp with a minimum of distortion, or do some with a wave shaper (in one of the guitars + a different pan(?)), but I wanted to use Rea/JS alone.

Personally I wouldnt like long reverbs, vocoder, phaser or trance gates in it.

Originally Posted by Alteregoxxx View Post
Slops, no love for my mix? :-DD joke of course! Probably it's only you haven't seen my previous post (or not? :-P ) :-DD
Truth be said almost all the mixs sound the same, so I think individual coments will be scarce .

Originally Posted by PlebianX View Post
Compressor is (IMO) used way to extensively, especially among mixers just starting out, when it comes to vocals. If you have very uneven vocals, step number 1 should be volume automation or hand-editing. Check out this example for the kind of detailed volume riding you'll see in pro mixes. This lets your compressor do what it's designed for, with 1 setting working across the whole mix (or segment when there're really big diffs between verse/chorus for example and you have to split it to 2 channels)
Compressors exist to avoid that kind of automation !

Anyway, looking at the wave, that kind of performance is probably a) intentional or b) from a really bad singer , it doesn't even look much like a vocal wave. IF the first you will be doing a lot of damage, if the second ... I would want to be the one mixing that thing.

IIRC the only place here I used compression is in the vocal, for my mix. Maybe the guitar could have used some expansion...

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