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Originally Posted by bls View Post
I thought it was a pretty good mix.

There's something funny on the compressor setting you have on the vocal. It may just be that your taking a little too much off, or a problem with the threshold setting or something. When He starts singing a phrase I hear his voice come in loud, and then duck down and he never seems to make it up to that same volume again. It's not on every part, but it happens. Would you disclose the settings on that for us, since we're all learning here?

I think you are commenting on my mix?

First of all: if you want to see what I did, just download the RPP Session File and the raw stems, open the RPP file and guide REAPER to the stems. It will take care of arranging them etc. so you can solo tracks and see what I did. Better than explaining IMO.

The vocals are always a big deal for me, I never can get them right. :-/
The vocal-track itself has huge volume drops and even without the compressor there were many volume differences.
I know the parts you are talking about, but the volume at the beginning of those is acually like 2 times louder than the rest, I did not find a way to make it nice and even without it sounding weird. :-/ Thats definatively something I need to look into.

@textbook mix: I think this is the "easiest" way to make a mix. We are no pro-musicians and all we do at this point is polishing recordings. We have some very basic rules we learned someday somewhere and apply them here.

I will try to comment on the other mixes when I get home today.
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