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I have looked in settings and gone through manual, using version 3.63. I was wondering if anybody knew if it was possible to assign the mouse wheel to the project window as a scroll function e.g. in Microsoft Word instead of doubling up with the arrow keys and Num + and - key functions.

I know you can move the mouse to the icon area and scroll to the right. I am seeming fussy but it would be extremely splendorous to achieve this triumph.

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I forgot what the default modifier key(s) are (Mine is set to Alt+Mousewheel).

Explore and set up button assignments in the Actions Menu (shortcut "?" or Main Menu > Actions > Show action list...)
In the Action List, type in your search ie- scroll and you'll probably be looking at checking/changing: "View: Scroll horizontally (MIDI CC relative/mousewheel)". Just have a tinker with the other scroll actions if something else suits. The Action list isn't just your friend - it's your SUPER friend!
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