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Originally Posted by AME06063 View Post
if two more modules are used simultaneously, is there any way to clock them from the same source?
this is something that I'll have to look into as well. I believe this would be dependent on the software, but as far as an actual test to see if it actually functions will require me to finish building a unit so I can run two units simultaneously just to be sure.
No, what is being asked here is a HARDWARE issue, not software. If you are going to be running two separate interfaces at a time for recording, you need to be able to physically clock the word clock of one unite to the other, so that the inputs will be sample-accurate, in sync with each other. Otherwise, you will get small timing drifts between the two interfaces over time, which, among other things, can cause phase issues, etc. between tracks.

The better interfaces will typically have wordclock I/O (usually on a BNC connector) for this purpose. However, with a lot of the various pro-sumer interfaces that don't have dedicated wordclock I/O, you can still sync them via SPDIF or ADAT digital connections.

So, if you don't have any digital I/O on your interface, then the answer is that you cannot sync multiple interfaces together.
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