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Originally Posted by ringing phone View Post
Hey thanks for the info. I have a couple of questions...can anyone help?

1. When you go around your huose with a mic and a recorder...should it be any old mic? Or should you use the one you use for acuostic, the one you use for vocals...? Or do you just sing/ say "Here I am in the corner of the I am in the middle of the TV room..."...then take this back to your daw and listen on your monitors? If you use any old mic...wouldn't you get basically inaccurate info?

2. Can you eliminate room issues by mixing at rather quiet levels?

1. Sure, whatever. Different mics with different pickup patterns will pick up more or less of the room sound depending on how you hold the mic and so forth, but this is just ear-training, it's not an exact science. Spend another twelve minutes and try it with three different mics if you like.

Unless I miss my guess, the differences will not be so subtle that you need to get all precious about which mic best reveals the differences between the kitchen and the living room. I think it will be pretty obvious without too much thought or effort.

2. No, volume has nothing to do with it. At any volume, you CAN mitigate the room effects by listening closer to the speakers ("nearfield" monitoring), because the closer you get to the speakers, the more you increase the ratio of direct sound to reflected sound (like turning down the reverb), but it's still not going to solve the serious standing wave problems that practically all residential spaces have.
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