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You also could have experimented with the mic position... there might have been a more "even" spot to record it.
Good idea; and I should have mentioned that I did try that.
In theory, all resonance modes will be cancelled at the exact center of a room. So I tyipcally had the guitarist very close to the center of a smnall room. But since this was a floor-to-ceiling resonance, and I was confined to normal chair height, I couldn't make the resonance disapp-ear by changing positions.....or at least I couldn't find any postion that did, moving both the mikes and the player.

Anyway, my only point is that, while room treatment may be preferrable, don't completely discout the idea of using parametric EQ. It does work in many "bad" acoustic situations. On that same subject: an automatic feedback eliminator is, in essence, noting the resonant frequencies of a room and then knocking the response down with a very high Q parametric equalizer, so recording through a feedback eliminator has worked for me also.
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