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Oooh, I like this list

Epicverb is my go to verb for large spaces and air.

Oatmeal is my go to synth for hardsync. It's super light as well.

In the jsfx subforum there's also ReEq which is lovely.

I made a few jsfx, they're probably a tad too hungry for your list, but maybe some of them can go in the honorable mentions.

Stereo bub ii, a small widener with crossover that doesn't affect the mono mix.
Tight compressor, a fast attack compressor with optional oversampling.

The following two are a bit heavier on the cpu, but can add quite a bit of color:
Squashman, multiband distortion plugin with lfo's, envelopes and dynamics processing.
Filther, a drawable spline waveshaper with dual nonlinear filters. Fully automatable with lfo, envelopes, dynamics and step sequencer.

The others are probably a bit too specialized for this list.
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