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Originally Posted by domzy View Post
isn't everyone overcomplicating this? - it looks like it has line level outputs & the sub is obviously powered, so don't you just need to plug your interface outs into the sub and take the line outs of your sub into the yamahas - it looks like there are crossover controls on the sub to adjust the lpf. So i don't think you need any extra gear like others suggest.

edit - method 2 in the link coachz posted?
DVDdoug, domzy, Coachz

Thank you so much ! I think after some research I came up with solution... witch I think should work...

I bought two Y splitters for left and right channel witch would go to my audio interface that way I can have an extra output for subwoofer...

and because subwoofer dose not have TS connection I have to buy adapter for it too.... this one

I still don't know if that will work.... or if it will work properly... =\ ... but as was mentioned before, it's better than buying new gear.
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