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Default Please help with Subwoofer puzzle!

I really hope someone could help me with the best/cheap solution of this puzzle.

How can I connect/use subwoofer to my stereo system?
Are there any adapters, splitters that I can use?


My friend gave me huge and powerful subwoofer... I was not ready for such a gift.

I want to connect it... but my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2) simply lack of outputs.

I know that sometimes it's possible to send audio from speakers(monitors) to subwoofer... but I'm also out of luck here because don't have that option on my Yamaha HS5 speakers

My subwoofer (Infinity Intermezzo 1.2s) have some options in terms of inputs... it has RCA option witch is good... but again... I'm not sure if there are some ways to connect it using adapters/splitters or buying new interface?

Could you please advice me with the best and the cheapest solution to that "puzzle"
I really love my audio interface... so if there are options to get adapters please let me know ^_^

sincerely yours,
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