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Can you please give some examples of the Additional Parameters for Textbox
bg---Color to be drawn underneath the label. Defaults to "wnd_bg"
shadow---Boolean. Draw a shadow beneath the label?
color---Text color
font_a---Label font
font_b---Text font
cap_pos---Position of the text box's label. "left", "right", "top", "bottom"
focus---Boolean. Whether the textbox is "in focus" or not, allowing users to type.
This setting is automatically updated, so you shouldn't need to change it yourself in most cases.

I need to be able to change font color bg color font, size, type etc..
and to set a default name (current region name of the value from reaper.EnumProjectMarkers3(0, i))

EDIT: Found it from the GUI Builder !

GUI.New("Textbox1", "Textbox", {
    z = 11,
    x = 288,
    y = 96,
    w = 96,
    h = 20,
    caption = "Textbox1",
    cap_pos = "left",
    font_a = 3,
    font_b = "monospace",
    color = "txt",
    bg = "wnd_bg",
    shadow = true,
    pad = 4,
    undo_limit = 20
Now I need to change the black textbox bg not the Caption bg. Wasn't there an alpha level on some other elements to make it transparent ?


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