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I was trying to work out how to do this after playing around with the GUI Builder.
Was trying the textbox but maybe it's better to have any font you like for the chords and color section then when you click them (function btn_click) it will move the cursor to that region then Markers: Edit region near cursor, then get the regions reaper.EnumProjectMarkers3 and update the GUI by GUI.elms.bar1-beat1_chord:ondelete() or loop it through all the current region chords/bars.
Just not sure if you can get scrollbars on the GUI ?? I know with AutoHotKey the feature wasn't added yet.

It will have to follow the time signature and maybe set it to 1/4 or 1/8 so you could have 4 chords per bar or 8 chords per bar @ 4/4 or maybe just represent what the grid is set to ??
Maybe if the chord name is more than so many characters it will use a smaller font size ??
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