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Originally Posted by doppelganger View Post
better not look how much his processor costs
Yeah, they weren't cheap. Everything for the build was a little over 15K I think. My previous build was close to that as well. But when you compare it to a maxed out iMac Pro at around 10 grand or the Mac Pro which at the time was around the same, it's not even close in terms of performance.

I built this machine pre-Reaper switch and was also in the process of moving down from 3 machines to 1. As I was using Cubase and didn't have all the options I have now for optimizing workflow, I'd easily go over 128GB in big projects.

I doubt I would do a build like that again as Reaper has changed a lot of things for me but it has served me extremely well. Hoping to do an AMD Epyc 2 build next year and make the switch full-time to Linux.
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