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I'm having a pretty serious issue with the last couple developer builds on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. If I leave Reaper idle for a long period and come back to it, such as finishing in the evening and coming back in the morning, Reaper is causing my entire system to become laggy, where it takes several seconds to switch apps, for a cursor to appear when typing in a web browser or text program, etc. Everything on the system is basically extremely laggy and delayed. The minute I end the Reaper process or quit, everything is back to normal. If I do the same thing and leave Reaper open when I finish in the evening (as I usually do) and then come back in the morning, same thing. My entire system is now laggy and slow until again I end the Reaper process or quit.

The other strange thing is that once this laggy behavior occurs and I quit Reaper and the system is now back to normal, if I open Reaper again, it goes right back to being laggy. I actually have to restart the machine to get rid of it so the system is no longer laggy and delayed while Reaper is open. I go months sometimes without restarting so it must be a pretty serious issue it's causing.

I've only tried the two latest developer builds, but the non-developer pre-releases as well as any of the release versions have been absolutely fine and not caused this behavior. I wish I had more information for you but it is completely repeatable for me in these last two developer pre-releases. One thing I did notice that was slightly different in the developer installer vs the non-developer installer is that in the non-developer and release installers if you have the Rearoute Asio driver already installed and check the box to install that, you get an error in the installer saying it can't be replaced. In the developer installer there is no such error message, so maybe it's possible a deprecated Rearoute Asio driver has been installed? I'm not using Rearoute for anything and Reaper is the only application besides a web browser that I'm running so it seems unlikely but I did notice that difference.

System specs below.

Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
256GB of RAM
Supermicro X10DRH-CT Motherboard
2x Intel E5-2697A v4 Xeon Processors (32 cores)
RME MADI FX Audio Card
Reaper 5.961+dev1103

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