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Default For the attention of anyone planning on releasing VST2 plugins (or hosts)

Hopefully this isn't news for anyone at this point...

If you have not signed and received back the VST2 license agreement from Steinberg by October 2018, you are not allowed distribute VST2 plugins or hosts with VST2 support. (It doesn't matter if commercial, freeware or open source.) I am not sure how strongly Steinberg will enforce that but it is probably wisest to be careful and not try one's luck with it.

There is discussion about it on the KVR forum :

The development of VST3 plugins and hosts also requires you have signed the separate VST3 agreement, sent it to Steinberg and got it back signed by them, but that likely isn't an extremely urgent thing to consider at the moment. (Still best not to procrastinate too much with that...)
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