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Default Skip explanation

The use of skip is (sort of) explained below in this fragment from sample_script.txt. It's a way of using different midi devices for the same OSCII-bot input. [skip] will let the compiler know this is intended rather than complain about none-unique devicenameforcode.

// @input lines:
// usage: 
//        @input devicenameforcode MIDI "substring match" [skip]
//        @input devicenameforcode OSC "*:9000"
//        @input devicenameforcode OSC ""
// can use any number of inputs. devicenameforcode must be unique, if you specify multiple @input lines
// with common devicenameforcode, it will use the first successful line and ignore subsequent lines with that name
// you can use any number of devices, too
// note: in OSCII-bot 0.4+, you can send OSC to an input device (which will return it to the last address from which
// a message was received)
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