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I don't know where you read that about "low wattage" processors causing audio dropouts, but let me just go ahead and say that's BS. A couple other thing you should be looking at though are the drive speed and usb ports. If you will be using external drives, ensure they are at least 72000rpm and usb 3.0 (laptop also needs to have some usb 3.0 ports). 500gb SSD is probably enough to work on a fair number of projects and then archive them to externals when you're done (SSD is fastest).

Audio dropouts can occur due to bottle-necking in a number of places, so you only need to avoid using too many cpu-heavy plugins at once and do some basic resource management/optimization. Here's an older guide on optimizing a system for audio, but pretty much all of it is still valid.

It's also very normal to start with a low audio buffer size and increase it as the project grows. This way you are recording the core parts at the lowest latency and then increasing it for less timing-critical tasks like mixing.
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