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So for anyone wondering the device substring is the port name as registered in the MIDI network. QLab uses "QLab" for it's MIDI In but needs to target an IAC bus for MIDI out to OSCii-bot. There seems to be a dependency on the startup order of the software for everyone to play nice. I had "QLab" as the match string but OSCii didn't see it until I launched MIDI Monitor and specifically spy'd on destinations. Will report back after thoroughly testing different start up orders.

Not yet sure how networks with multiple identical MIDI devices are handled.

I/O definitions:
@output OSCtoQLab OSC "localhost:53000"  // QLab listens for OSC on this port
@output MIDItoQLab MIDI "QLab"   // QLab's MIDI IN port name
@input OSCfromQLab OSC "localhost:53002"   // Arbitrary port assigned in QLab
@input MIDIfromQLab MIDI "Bus 1"   // MIDI Cues in QLab set to target IAC Bus 1
// TODO: Change IAC Bus name in Audio MIDI Setup

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