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Not a tutorial but a tip :

Let's say you track / record drums with six mics.

You end up with six tracks of mono wave files.

Before anything else, it makes sense to use Reaper's superpowers and combine the six tracks' wave files into a single 6 channel wav file.

Then further using Reaper superpowers, route each of the six channels , to six tracks , which act as the mix /volume and fx tracks for those channels. Mostly , for 6 channels , you will probably end up with something like 2 mono tracks (close mics) and 2 stereo channels (left-right overheads and rooms). Most people do something more like 12 mics (with a close mic for each drum component).

This way you can edit the timing / tempo / drummer fukups with impunity, without having to worry about manipulating six wave files / tracks, while using the vol faders on the routed tracks to mix in stuff and apply effects on.

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