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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
Apparently, the Nuendo MIDI Monitor does not catch all events. I installed an external MIDI Monitor. Does this help you in any way?

Sorry for the huge GIF, but I had to capture Nuendo and the MIDI Monitor:

When you see the cursor stop in Nuendo, then I pressed stop in Reaper as well, but you can see, that there are still SysEx messages coming in. Pressing several times play/pause fixes this.
You haven't used pause instead of stop in reaper have you? That will send it crazy because it doesn't know the correct state i.e. the api issue we were talking about. When you use pause then it may take pressing start/stop to get it back to normal.

The issue with pause is that both MTC and MMC will fire at same time confusing the receiving app. With start/stop only then it should switch between MTC & MMC appropriately.
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