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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
Dude, this works amazingly! :O
The only issue I could spot:
when holding down "Move edit cursor forward one beat", the edit cursor
starts to "dance" and to skip forward and backwards very fast. Not sure, if this can be fixed. Apparently, there is too much data coming in for the script?
It should only send a locate when it crosses a frame boundary. Not every time you move the cursor within a frame.

However there may be a bug if it is sending between frames.

If you stick a midi monitor on the other end and zoom right in so a frame is really long, does it send in between?

EDIT: I just put a sysex monitor on the output and it definitely only sends when crossing a frame boundary, not inbetween. When I used the action "forward one beat" it only sends one message per action.
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