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How can one map ranges in EEL2?

My encoder sends values 1-24, when rotated clockwise and values 64-80 for counter clockwise.
I need the script to convert 1-24 range to 0.1-1 and 64-80 to minus 0.1-1, so that it would be possible to use acceleration of the encoder.

UPD. Solved with a straightforward method: take away 63 from the number in range 64-80, divide the result by 24 and change the sign to minus.
Anyway, r/scrub action doesn't support acceleration, and "Transport: Scrub/jog (MIDI CC relative/absolute only)" action isn't reacting properly, though I'm sending the values right. Does this action support values, other than 1?

UPD2. The following settings solved my issue with r/scrub action sensitivity. Though the jog function is absent, I can now simply divide value by greater numbers to get the needed sensitivity for the jog mode of the encoder.

UPD3. Aaaand it doesn't work like it should. I don't understand the behavior. It seems like faster rotation of the encoder gives more precise scrubbing/jogging. According to Reaper's log, lower values move cursor faster.
I'm going to read the manual about scrub/jog settings, cause this logic doesn't seem right to me.

UPD4. Seems like this scrub issue is more than three years old -
Another issue from 2012 (post #33) -

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