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I don't think that I understand you clearly.
For example, I have the following string: "s/track/name" with an argument "Legendary Track".
What I need is to construct the following sysex message and feed it to the surface:

\xF0\x00\x20\x29\x03\x03\x12\x00\x02\x00 //sysex header
\x02\x02\x01 // clear the line of the LCD (not exactly, but, though)
\x01\x017\x01 // set cursor position as character 17
\x04 // start text
{osc argument in hex}
\x00 //end text
\xF7 //sysex end

I would also need to check if argument's size is less than 8 characters. If more, all vowels and spaces should be removed. If string is still more than 8 characters, first 7 characters and the last one, if it's a number, should be converted to hex and sent to the controller.

P.S. Instead of clearing the whole line of the LCD, which is 144 characters long, with sysex command (second part of the message), I would first fill the place where the text should be displayed, with a string of spaces, like this " ", to clear it from the text that was displayed there before and send the actual text right after.

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