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Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
NONE of this stuff can be used for bass traps, no matter what you might read on some website put up by some idiot who read one book & now thinks he's an expert. (Or some company that just wants to sell you something and knows you'll flock like sheep to an inexpensive solution) I won't mention names, but the internet is chock full of these sites.
Ermm... people like John Sayers and Ethan Winer are perceived as experts in the industry, both with decades of experience in building and tuning studios both large and small. And both support the fact that you CAN build working basstraps with this stuff. Of course you can't expect THE SAME results from an inexpensive solution as you would get from a Pro-solution, but YOU CAN expect results nevertheless.

Well, forums are full of people that know close to nothing and/or have no real experience in the matter but present themselves as the ultimate guru on the matter at hand (in most cases on each and every subject that comes along on the forum, don't worry, I won't mention your name either).
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