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Originally Posted by LanceP View Post
Well from what I understand, 705 has more mass and therefore will absorb lower freqs than 703. It also costs alot more. So, to me, it would make sense to use 705 for bass traps (eg straddling the corners) and 703 for broadband absorbers (eg mounted on walls, early reflection points, etc.) but if you're eating ice cream and drinking beer 703 will absorb down to 15hz so it's a moot point
No, no, no, no, no ....

they both have about the same lowest useful frequencies, it's just that 705's absorption is slightly tilted towards IT's lower frquencies, whereas 703 is more neutral. Which one you use is determined by the sonic signature of the room. neither is better. there is also 701, which is less dense and thus skewed slightly towards the higher frequencies.

NONE of this stuff can be used for bass traps, no matter what you might read on some website put up by some idiot who read one book & now thinks he's an expert. (Or some company that just wants to sell you something and knows you'll flock like sheep to an inexpensive solution) I won't mention names, but the internet is chock full of these sites.

705 don't do shite below 125Hz, I don't care if it's mounted in a corner and 2' thick. Bass energy can only be dissipated by large Helmholtz chambers, or lots & lots of panel absorbers. (or maybe a giant pair of noise-canceling headphones- Hey that's an idea: Electronic room tuning based on phase-cancellation!)
(yes, I'm kidding.)

As far as small rooms go: Sadly, there is no happy solution. Since there is no support for important low frequencies, and also because all boundaries are within the Haas window, your only recourse is to make the room as dead as possible. This is not a fun way to work, does not translate well to the real world, and will likely cause to you turn up the volume to the point you will start to lose your hearing. -But at least you can get an accurate read from your nearfields.

Just the way it is. It's like asking how to get a good drum sound with 8' ceilings. same answer: You do what you can, & have fun doing it if possible, but don't kid yourself that you'll ever have the same as a pro studio.
Understand the limitations & work with them as best you can.

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