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Originally Posted by BM1000 View Post
Looks really nice! The only reason I won't be using it right now is that it suffers from the same problem that every other theme except the default one does: I cannot instantly tell which tracks are folders and which are in the end of a folder in the mixer view. This theme, just like every other custom theme ditches the clear arrows and curved last track badges for something that just looks confusing, especially as the folder open/close buttons don't look like buttons. The colored corner things aren't really clear indicators because the row of track badges is full of different colors anyways.

Shapes over colored bits! Haha, sorry.

Sorry for grumbling about something that might not even matter to a lot of people but I like to use the folders in the mix view a lot and I like to be able to quickly collapse and expand the folders.
You have at least 3 ways no notice what is a folder and what a track:
- The white lines to the left that connect the folder with its childs
- The color delimiters at the right
- The arrow to compact child tracks at the right-top

I disagree
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