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I’m Pete and live in Woking, Surrey.

I originate from Stoke on Trent, so do I qualify to be in the Midlands gang?

I’ve been playing the guitar and gigging for about 38 years. Gone a bit deaf in my right ear (bloody drummers) so let me know if my mixes come out with a right bias. Following on from Spike I should probably describe myself as ‘Deaf-Eared Guitarist’.

I currently play in a number of covers bands and gig fairly regularly, but they’re all private functions and weddings etc.

I'm an engineer for my day job and specialise in antenna design.

Although I've got a technical background, I'm very new to home recording on my computer and 95% of Reaper’s features are currently beyond me. I have no idea what some of the technical discussions are about on the forum. Still I seem to be able to muddle through.


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