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I'm Darren, i'm from Cambridgeshire.

i've played the drums for the last 19years and also dabbled with keyboards, this year im going to focus on learning keys properly because Reaper is so great to use but limited to my musical ability when not in a band.

I've got acoustic drums, simmons electric drums (i'm looking to sell the Simmons stuff and get a Roland kit) and loads of percussions stuff.

I've just got an EMU Xboard 61 with Preteus X and 3gb's of samples and a Roland D110.

I'm using Reaper 'in the box' at the moment but would like to get something like the Alesis IO26.

No projects at the moment, I left a band last July to concentrate on finishing my Accountancy exams - hence the shift to keyboards, but I'm interested in colaborating with anyone that wants a drummer or keyboard player or singer (I sing as well) for one of things
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