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Originally Posted by chas51 View Post
...hey, I thought of a question. I am looking for a VST that has awesome presets.
so I can just click on different presets, and play.

how is Superior Drummer 2.0 for that?...
To be honest, I haven't played around with the presets in SD2. I'm more of a 'create a preset as I need it' kind of guy. There are a number of presets included between the NY Avatar, C&V and Twisted kit though. I've just never played around with them.

There's quite a few presets available from Toontrack (not free though) and there's a thread on specifically dedicated to SD2 presets which are free. thread here -

Toontrack presets here -

As far as SD2 with REAPER is concerned, it works flawlessly here even running two instances together on different MIDI channels with my V Drums kit (and this runs faultlessly on my laptop with only 4GB of RAM too).
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