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I LOVE the idea of online collaborations, so I'm always always ALWAYS into working with people.

I play rhythm guitar in lots of different styles... blues, rock, country, metal, gospel, grunge, pop... pretty much anything that doesn't make me know chords with 6 or 7 notes. :-) (despite the name, I can't play jazz well)

I play lead guitar in a very blues-rock-country way... imagine what the 3 of them would sound like mashed up... that's me. But maybe throw in a few Chuck Berry licks from time to time.....

I play bass in pretty much any of the styles above.

I play drums, but I don't record them often. (I would for a good project, though). However, I've made it my goal over the past couple of years to get as good as possible at making programmed drums sound real, and I think it's coming along not too bad. It's fun for me to do, too, so it works out well.

I play piano/keys, too, but it's easily my weakest instrument, though. I do, however, like playing keys as a "filler"... meaning putting in organ parts into rock songs that just sit in the background and make things sound huge... it's easy stuff to play that I'm sure any of you guys that have a keyboard can do, but I have fun searching out those parts and making them fit.

Most of all, though, I'm getting into the "producing" aspect... I love putting it all together, then finding ways to make it sparkle, to fill it out, and to polish it.

Vocals I don't do much of... I do like to rap if anyone needs that, but other than that I pretty much suck. However, I have been trying to experiment with electronic vocals lately, so if anyone wants to jump down that road, I'd like to play along if you want some company.

My wife is typically willing to lend me a hand in pretty much anything I get involved in, too. She plays piano MUCH better than I do, and she has a great voice for singing backup, and a great ear for harmony.

I'm into everything. Seriously, I love making music (isn't that what it's all about?) I've recorded rock, country, hip hop, blues, gospel, show tunes, pop, metal, art rock, techno, and crazy off the wall stuff that I don't even know how to categorize.... and I can't wait to dive into new stuff at any time.

I'm always looking for new projects, and I can say that I don't bring an ego along when it comes to making music.... if you need me for a big role in a project or an incredibly small one, I'm usually very happy to be involved.
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