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This is a totally off-topic story, but I had to mention it after cAPS mentioned:

Originally Posted by cAPSLOCK View Post
Well as to fiberglass....
As to rafting down the rio grande on one... (the colorado river is father for me). No way man... you want to get super itchy???

Dude, when I was at uni, we were in the control room and a friend of mine was leaning on the wall rubbing his face on thinly-covered fibreglass. He was doing it for about 10-15 minutes! All of a sudden he said: "Uhhhhh, Paul...? Can I be excused? Only, I've been rubbing my face on this stuff here and I just realised it's fibreglass. I was thinking it felt quite nice for a while..."

LOL. His cheek was red and itchy and everything.
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