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Well as to fiberglass.... I spose there are numbers that support use of the materials in certain areas:

That spreadsheet gives absorption coefficients across the frequency spectrum. Or you can read up on some of Ethan Winter's study of the material here (among other places):

Personally I use both types

705 ACROSS corners:

703 on walls:

But there are many more aspects of using this treatment that matter quite a bit to its performance.

1. FRK or not? (back or no back)
2. In corner/On plane.
3. Space from wall
4. Total thickness.

But some of the most important..

Color of covering. I feel dark blue is the best for low frequency absorption. Orange is excellent for mids and low mids.

Proximity of a bender toy. The closer he is to a monitor, the less bad sound he will allow in your mixes.

In the end I just like to tell my clients to amaze themselves by walking up to them and speaking at them... its like a sound sponge!! cool!!!

As to rafting down the rio grande on one... (the colorado river is father for me). No way man... you want to get super itchy??? I'd use rockwool for this.

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