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Guess nothing wrong thinking that way..
But I know 2 people that got rid of their Presonus for X32.
The one guys band had a 16ch presonus then a 24ch..both had fader failures and they had to be replaced 2 different times he said..But he did like the boards.

But when he was going to upgrade to the 32 he decided to look into the X32 and the digital snakes got a good deal.. over the Presonus (which I hooked him up with the rep on and he was getting them at cost) he still took the X32 and said he thought it sounded great live.. and has had zero trouble the last year so far..

I've only used one once on a gig for FOH.. I don't like the idea of the digital boards in studio..but love them live for recalls and such.. It sounded great and the iPad app was easy to use..I got around on the app better/faster the the Yamaha one for LS9's
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