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Originally Posted by J.Biz Quiz View Post
Whats good Seventh?? Thanks to your theme, I have deleted all other themes and defaulted yours as my GO TO theme! It's oh so easy on the eyes and I feel at home when mixing in it. Not that I have anything against the console emu's and the Imperial themes, its just nice to have a contrast. Of course there are a few things already pointed out that need improvement, but your theme is from now on the only one I am checking updates for...Thanks!!
Glad you like it!

Originally Posted by benes View Post
Yeah I'm agree : this theme is wonderfull
I have any problems with your FX icon wich indicates the input FX (why? in the default theme it was perfect), and I can not bypass the fx chain by clicking on the fx icon like on the default theme. And it is annoying to select all the track for displaying the extended tcp. It could be automatic.
I have just tested your theme since any minutes. No doubt I will notice a lot of things in the future, but I want to say again : this theme is wondefull!!
The FX button turns into the input FX button when the track is record armed. You can bypass the FX by clicking on the border of the FX button.

You can set the extended tcp layout as the default in
View->Screensets/layouts->Layouts->Set "Track panel" as "Extended Tcp"

(if you're using multiple screensets you'll need to save this into them too, otherwise ignore)

Originally Posted by benes View Post
Oh, and where is the i/o button?
You said that you want to keep the TCP epured, then you can cumul more than one icon at the same place, like you did it for the loop button with is on the play button.
And your Vu meter indicates red when the volume don't sature. Maybe it can be only yellow (or orange) but the red shoud be only for saturation.
I can try and see if I can fit an IO button in the TCP when I make more layouts.

You're right the "hot" color might be a little bit too red. It was supposed to be orange. =)
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