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I'm assuming this low_marg is the same as I had it in Voodoo. Well, if you look 2 lines down you'll see how the two tie together:
set low_marg * folderdepth [0 -12]
set h_der + h * maxfolderdepth [-12] ; derived height after folder indent doodahs
They don't address each other, they just count 12px in different directions. I did this so I could swap between using maxfolderdepth (so all the tracks line up) and normal folderdepth (per-track indenty-ness.) So; you can plumb in h_der{0}>blah to do what you're after, I believe.

You can't minus things like that, just by swapping '+' for '-', WALTER doesn't support it, which is why its not in the guide Either multiply one of the operands by -1, or use the complex combinators:

For [fish] - [chips]
+:1:-1 [fish] [chips]
I don't cover the complex combinators in the guide, but they are in the sdk.
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