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Are the people who are missing pan knobs maybe using a Reaper older than 4.25? Knob stacks are pretty new to Reaper. Older versions can only use "mcp_pan_knob large" or "mcp_pan_knob_small". Maybe you should consider providing some "old style" pan knob images to fall back to.

If you want to prevent "those ugly folder images" to show up for users who like to have clickable icon disabled, provide an image "mcp_folder_on.png". That will replace the fallback image Reaper will use (the little yellow folder icon) if it doesn't find that image in the theme's folder with something to your liking.

One other thing I noticed: If the area of the mixer area which contains the faders gets small enough then the volume faders of tracks in folders can become lower than wide and therefore WALTER switches them to horizontal faders.
Reaper again falls back to it's inbuilt images (because you don't have horizontal faders in your theme) which - errm - don't gel too well with the rest of your fine theme :

Vertical faders probably won't make sense in this height anyway, so I'd probably just keep them from showing up.
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