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Default optimum solution

Okey pipelineaudio. Occam's Razor my favourite tool. Also JBM pleasant to me . I understand that he wants and I offer the optimum solution for home recording.
Jason, hi! If you really necessary to do record in a small room, you can have only one medicine is the glass wool.

For example I use Isover Akusto POP (60 x 120 x 1,5cm).
You should paste glasswool panels three walls of a room completely. Also it is necessary to hang up curtains from a thick fabric on the fourth wall and a windows. You can change acoustics of a room moving a curtain. It can be made for one day. Also is possible to make from glass wool bass traps and to place them in corners of a room. Finally kills acoustics of a room glass wool on a ceiling. This all.
Following theme - noise of a computer. It is absolutely simple:

http: //

Separate theme - confidential parameters of microphones.

Monitors also an intimate theme and I shall refrain from advice (good monitors at Loser). Is necessary to find the distance of focusing sound of monitors. For example your model of monitors should be located three times further from you.

For mix an ideal variant: Sennheiser HD 600. For recording: Beyerdynamic DT770. Also it is possible to use AKG K 44 (55) for all.
And chairs should not creak

These are universal recipes for small universal studios. It is not necessary to spend money and time for greater if it is not business.

It is my creative laboratory:

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