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Seventh... here's a thought for you:

when using separators in certain ways problems can come up like this...

IF you use a track inspector in a screen set [which I do] and have that at the left of the tcp track panels, then it is set to scroll so it shows ONLY the currently selected track... right?

OK, so when we have separtors involved we want them to be more narrow when seen in the mcp... right? that is as it should be..

BUT when they show in the track inspector, I [for one] want them to be the same as the normal [or default] width of a track in the mcp... that way, if you happen to clk on a sep in the tcp, the indpector just shows a total blank...

Now I have done this in a few themes with a layout for Narrow Sep in MCP and then another for Wide Sep in MCP...

it's really not much to add... just a folder and some rtconfig code...

Now I might add, I do a thing with making a template for both separators and load them that way.. and I name them with 9 spaces and no other characters in their names... which then let's me make a reaconsole file [action] that will select all tracks with that name and then another action to set them to either of two custom layout [screensets window] actions... one for wide and one for narrow...

This all lets me have them wide when in the tcp with track inspector view [my basic screen set F7] and narrow in the floating mixer view [my second screen set F8]

does that make sense to you?

Actually I now have sets of those various acitons chained so that a toolbar icon gives me the tcp view as I want it and another toolbar icon gives me the floating mixer as I want it.
...should be fixed for the next build...
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