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Originally Posted by Jeronimo View Post
Tell me more about the usability when mixing back to the console.

I know you have the 8 "VCA" faders, and those faders control Reaper's faders.

But since the console is 32 i/o thru firewire, how do you "bank" the faders on the left?

Can you have the faders on the left showing let's say: channels 17-32 and the "VCA" faders showing 8-16? How does it work? Because this can be a mess while using the console.

Yes, you have a button for the left faders for channels 1-16 and another button for channels 17-32. For the right submix faders you have 4 buttons for DCA 1-8, submix 1-8, submix 9-16, and matrix 1-6. When you choose remote, those same four buttons turn to DCA 1-8, bank select/channel select, record enable, and transport control.

So you can be viewing audio channels 17-32 on the left and controlling Reaper channels 17-24 on the right (or 1-8, or 9-16 etc... whatever you want).

The "bank" controls are simply two arrows - one pointing left and one pointing right. If you are viewing 1-8 and push the right arrow button it moves over to 9-16, push it again for 17-24 etc..., left arrow button to go back. The motorized faders jump to whatever you have set on the Reaper mix screen for those channels.

Here's an image of the controls

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