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I bought a Behringer X32 earlier this week and I have to say it is awesome... It works flawlessly with Reaper in remote mode and I was pleasantly surprised by how functional and easy it is to use.

In remote mode, the 8 submix faders operate the faders in Reaper with a bank button that allows you to control faders higher than channel 8 (9-16, 17-24, 25-32, etc...). It can control Reaper's channel mutes and solos, record enable / disable, transport controls - stop, play, rew, ffwd, rec. When you change your channel names in Reaper, it changes the names to match in the scribble strips above each channel on the X32. The 32 channel audio interface is built in and can be connected to the computer either with firewire or USB.

Some people have been complaining why they don't use the 16 channel faders on the left in remote mode, but personally I like having the DAW controls separate from the audio channels so I can make EQ adjustments on the fly.

Keep in mind that I have owned an Alesis Master Control, an Allen and Heath Zed R16, a Tascam DM3200 and this thing beats them all easily. All those other devices were sold on ebay to make room for this...

Also, don't let the complainers tell you it's cheaply made, plastic or whatever... The only thing that is plastic on this is the two side pieces (which is thick and sturdy) and the faceplate over the lcd screen. Everything else is metal, including the top faceplate of the console.

It was easy to set up. I have a windows 7 64 bit pc. I just enabled the mackie control on the X32, added a mackie control under preferences / control surfaces in Reaper, enabled the 32 firewire audio channels and that was it.

The only glitch I had was a problem with my PC, not the X32. You need to roll back the Windows 7 iEEE 1394 drivers to the legacy drivers (which are included with Win7). It was a 2 minute fix, see here:

The preamps are designed by Midas, and the design of the X32 looks very Midas-like. It was primarily designed for live use so I would imagine it would work very well for that as well.

I've only had it for 5 days, but so far I'm liking it.
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