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Default Acoustical Science/Philosophy Showdown

This is a spinoff from JBM's "what would you do thread"

For most recordists, the science of room acoustics ( ESPECIALLY small room acoustics) is very confusing

NAY, downright FRIGHTENING!!!

All sorts of conflicting advice, that can make even audiophile craziness look tame in comparison

We need help here!

State your case please:

Your weapons will be Science and Evidence

One time only anectdotes are NOT evidence

An Ad Hominem Attack is not an argument, argue the science and claims involved NOT the person

Watch out for Post-hoc ergo propter hoc - eating ice cream does NOT make the sun hotter, be sure the result you claim is actually caused by the acoustic treatment in question.

Watch the Argument from Authority/ Appeal to Popularity - Just because Brittney Spears sells more albums than Black Sabbath does not necessarily mean Brittney Spears is BETTER than black Sabbath. Your Science should be strong enough to stand or fall on its own, without invoking client names or acoustical deities. Provide examples if you wish, but remember the one time anectdote rule, if your claim seems to violate Occam's Razor

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