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Also, perhaps the OP doesn't realize that Reaper is basically a hobby project for a few developers that went mainstream for various reasons. The success doesn't appear to have changed that much at the core. Sure they sell it and make a living, but it's not primarily a business venture. There's no advertising, no marketing department, I doubt if there's even a secretary. Pretty sure they all work from home. It is what it is.

But unlike any of the other DAWs out there, you actually have a chance to influence its direction via the community. You can adapt it to your workflow. You can add your own features. You won't find this many helpful people on any of the other forums because those companies don't listen their end-users. They listen to trends and focus on profits. The Cockos team gave us tools no other DAW does and commands a loyal following as a result. You can't compare it to other products and you can't hold the "company" up to the same standards as the others. It's something like a "co-op" DAW. You pay a little membership fee and put in some of your free time and reap the benefits of everyone else doing the same.
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