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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
Excellent work, b0se.
looking forward to finished theme.

changes in thweaker should work with the unpacked theme.
Changes will be lost on the next refresh unless they're saved.
If you cannot get the fonts to change at all, there maybe something (script?) overriding your changes
Hopefully White Tie or someone can provide a clue as to what the cause may be. changing.

Thanks Lucas. It's most certainly a bug. Happening with the default V6 theme also.

Originally Posted by nait View Post
Hey b0se, I have no idea what will be involved for me to make this work in 1080p, but thank you for your offer to send the PSD. Whenever you're done, I'll definitely give that a go. I definitely know my way around Photoshop well, but not sure if there will be a lot of work in the theme to get that going with different sized images. Any idea? (I mean, yes or no as to whether it will require a lot of code changing, in your opinion).

Also, this thing is looking better and better. I love your art style. Very simple looking, in a way, but also quite sharp and pro. Exactly what I'd like to see.
Cheers Nait :)

1080p (Scale 1x) version - no code changes necessary! It's just a matter of resizing the images by 50%. The only 'tricky' bit is making sure the stretch markers (yellow and fuscia pink 1px lines) are correct, they won't downscale properly.

You may need to adjust layer styles to accommodate, i.e. shadow depth, stroke width etc as they're set for 2x scale. Still, it would be much faster than designing a theme from scratch!

Originally Posted by Xaviez View Post
Wow thats one gorgeous looking theme! Hope to see a 1080p version release! Great work @b0se
Originally Posted by Delucci View Post
Wow, this is getting pretty cool!
Originally Posted by +NRG View Post
Excellent work!
Thank you!
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