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Originally Posted by earlabs View Post
One thing that I noticed very early is that when I launch Reaper and the project the OSC needs to be kicked in gear by making some changes with my mouse on the screen.
The OSC client should best be launched and connected before REAPER launches / loads a project in order to catch all the information REAPER sends out in a timely manner. REAPER attempts to minimize flooding by not sending duplicative information, so if you jump on while it's a already running, you have probably missed some of the information that is important to you.

You can make a 'Refresh' button with action 41743. And/or make a REAPER shortcut for it. That should force REAPER to send out current values for all configured patterns on all devices.

Originally Posted by earlabs View Post
What IS a nuisance is that the bypass toggle is included in the sliders. I can't imagine why that would be necessary since you can bypass the FX by touching the name of the particular VST in the the upper left row (orange). Is there a possibility to skip this parameter?
Yes, just remove the control in the TouchOSC editor (or remove the OSC command from it), they're probably 2 controls, one on top of the other.
Originally Posted by earlabs View Post
There is something really odd with the iPad: the interface is upside down (camera is at bottom and home button up). I don't know how to change that...
TouchOSC has a "Flip interface" preference. Try it!
Originally Posted by earlabs View Post
And finally (for now):
A. is it possible to change the position of the buttons where you skip from one screen to another?
Just drag them where you want them, I guess.
Originally Posted by earlabs View Post
B. vertical zoom and vertical scroll? any ideas?
Probably just swap an x for an y. It's all there:
SCROLL_X- b/scroll/x/- r/scroll/x
SCROLL_X+ b/scroll/x/+ r/scroll/x
SCROLL_Y- b/scroll/y/- r/scroll/y
SCROLL_Y+ b/scroll/y/+ r/scroll/y
ZOOM_X- b/zoom/x/- r/zoom/x
ZOOM_X+ b/zoom/x/+ r/zoom/x
ZOOM_Y- b/zoom/y/- r/zoom/y
ZOOM_Y+ b/zoom/y/+ r/zoom/y
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