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Originally Posted by whatsup View Post
now I understand exactly.
in this case you need a MIDI Post-delay, that isn't ready yet.

and BTW i think it's rare that MIDI playing before, usually it's lating.
a little weird ?

anyway, when the MIDI post-delay will be ready, (don't know when) I'll let you know.
Yeah, its very weird, but surprisingly some users seem to have these issues, me included. I'm now 99% sure that its not my playing though. However, I should really test more with using Redrum (in Reason) as metronome though, as compared to some of the other solutions this one is starting to look simple

Thanks a bunch whatsup. You are a very helpful guy, and that is a very good quality. I think your english is getting better and better as well

Originally Posted by TonE View Post
Well, you can use normal audio tracks as metronomes also, or not?
Yeah, I just think he misunderstood what you were talking about as he was talking about the built in metronome and its samples option in the comment you quoted.
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