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Originally Posted by Chris Ihao View Post
For instance all the notes have different positions. How do I find the "correct" one for the whole lot?
My idea assumes the latency remains constant, or at least that REAPER is at least capturing the notes at some constant. If that's not the case, then of course you'd have to do what you're suggesting (move each note).

Originally Posted by EricM View Post
It would be great if we had an option within preferences to just set an offset
in milliseconds/samples for which the MIDI Items are shifted AFTER recording.

Simple solution.

If not, there is probably a way for ReaScript to do that for us after recording,
but I have not even looked at that yet so I have no idea.
If the notes are not captured at a constant rate (as in the example above), wouldn't you still have problems? You'd have the same problems as if you had done a "select all" and manually shifted the notes, right?

Shouldn't the DAW just record them properly in the first place?
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